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Food Quantity: How Much is Enough

One of the toughest aspects of planning a party is determining not only what food you will offer, but how much you will need. Many factors come into play when determining the quantity of food you will need including: time of day your party is taking place, length of party, type of food being served, amount of food options you are serving, your guests (primarily men? women? children?). This chart is a general guideline of how much food you will need based on the number of people attending. This, of course, is not a science but a great way to get a base idea of what you may need for your upcoming event. Continue reading

Big or Small: Benefit with a Budget

So you’re planning a party? One of the first steps in the process should be determining your budget. After all, the budget is necessary in order to determine the venue and number of guests you can invite amongst many other things. The biggest question to ask yourself is how much can you realistically afford to spend? From there you can break that number down into the categories and different details of the party. Using this worksheet will help to plan the party you want and keep you on budget. Continue reading

Rent Your Event from the Ground Up

A rental center can add more to your event than you may realize. The next time you’re planning something, think twice before purchasing expensive products that may only be used once. Rental centers have your common event needs, but they also supply tools, bubble machines, microphone stands, tents, tables, cotton candy machines, and dunk tanks – to name just a few. From graduation parties to garage sales to weddings, a rental store can give your event the lift it needs. Continue reading